Internal or External?

CWI Portal: An Internal whistleblowing helpline for organizations

Whistleblowing is often termed as Internal or External depending upon the person or authority to whom the disclosure is made by the whistleblower. Simply put, if the disclosure is made  to a person within the organization or to a person authorized or designated for the said purpose by the organization then it is internal whistleblowing. But if the disclosure is made to people outside the organization and who are not as such authorized by it then it may be termed as external whistleblowing. External whistleblowing often leads to adverse publicity and loss of reputation even before the organization has had a chance to identify and examine the problem if at all any. Thus instead of aiding the management it often ends up putting it in the dock.
Since the CWI Portal helps communicate concerns to the authority designated for the said purpose by the organization it is a platform for internal whistleblowing. The raison'd'etre of the Portal is to help organizations enhance internal vigilance, strengthen their risk radar, capture risks and mitigate them internally before things go out of hand and start affecting their reputation or bottomline.
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