The Genesis

Corruption, unethical behaviour and fraud does not occur in vacuum. There are people who know what is going on but choose to remain silent. If such people break their silence and report fraud by relaying the information to the key personnel within the organization then the exposure of the organization to potential financial loss, criminal proceedings, litigations and adverse publicity can all be checked. The prevalence and continuance of such behaviour within an organization also has a detrimental effect on staff morale as it conveys tacit acceptance of such conduct by the  top brass of the organization.

The most common method of detecting occupational fraud or unethical behaviour within an organization is either feedback or a tip off from an employee, customer, vendor, associate or anonymous source as they are usually the first ones to perceive it. The other is by default or accident, which situation is often too late, resulting in loss of reputation, credibility and confidence in the organization. There is a growing realization amongst organizations that it is in their interest to take affirmative action to eliminate the single biggest deterrent for whistleblowers which  is the  fear of reprisals on revelation of identity.

CWI seeks to bridge  the gap between those who know and those who ought to know.

The Genesis
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