Reasons why people generally do not report
  • Fear of being embarrassed and becoming vulnerable.
  • Fear of being perceived as disloyal or a non team player.
  • Do not want to be directly involved or exposed.
  • Don’t know who to report to and how.
  • Perception that disclosures generally do not reach the right person and are not dealt with the discretion they deserve.
  • Top bosses and promoters are usually unapproachable and inaccessible.
  • Not sure of the contents and do not want to report mere suspicion.
  • Reporting mechanism is complicated and reporting is a big hassle.
  • Reporting may lead to revelation of identity which may cause bad blood and acrimony at the work place.
  • Fear of consequences on revelation of identity.
  • No system of anonymous reporting..
  • Misconception that everyone at the top is already aware of the existing state of affairs.
  • Disclosure to anyone within the organization may compromise identity at some stage or the other and invite reprisals.
  • Cutting across hierarchies may invite adverse reactions from immediate superiors.
  • Conflict of interest of the internal manager or lack of credibility due to known affiliations, prejudices and vested interests.
CWI helps organizations give stakeholders access to a simple and effective reporting system enabling them to cut across reporting hierarchies and securely communicate their concerns with the organization.
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Reasons why people generally do not report
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