How to remain anonymous?

A whistleblower hotline will achieve its objectives only if it enjoys the complete trust of those who may have cause to use it. We understand that for many whistleblowers anonymity is of paramount importance. We respect your decision to stay anonymous and are committed to protect it.

All information reported by you in the forms made available for the said purpose on this portal can be accessed by your organization. Unless you yourself reveal your personal details it is not possible for your organization to know the same through this portal. We do not ask for any identification details from you or disclose any identification information to anyone unless expressly authorized to do so by you or until required by law or court orders.


Here are some suggestions which will help maintain your anonymity:

   Select the ‘anonymous’ option, if so enabled by your organization, while lodging a report.

Do not disclose any information in the report which may compromise your identity.

Do not tell anyone in your organization about any communication you have with us or indulge in behaviour which is likely to reveal that you are the one who has made a report about a matter being investigated.
If possible use your personal internet connection to communicate with us instead of your organization’s intranet/internet.
Do not respond to any query in a manner which may reveal your identity.

Since all reports are accessed by, responded to and  processed by your organization as per its policies it is imperative that you make yourself fully aware of the same before reporting.

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