What happens to the information?

All reports lodged by you are communicated to the authority designated for the said purpose by your organization and are exclusively  accessed by, responded to and processed by it. Please note that the choice of the designated authority or its delegate, the kind of action that is to be taken or response that is to be posted if at all any, the manner in which a report is to be processed, and whether any feedback is to be given to you or not  depends entirely on your organization and its policies in that regard, if any. In the absence of any policy it is entirely on the discretion of your organization to decide how to deal with the information received from the Portal. Your organization reserves its rights to respond or not to respond, act or not to act on any information received from this portal and inform you about the same unless mandated by law. Please make yourself fully aware of your organization's reporting policies before using this portal.

It is important that you understand that investigations are often done covertly and discreetly, so that the evidence can be gathered without the perpetrators knowing that they are being investigated. Therefore if you don't see immediate action as a result of your information, this does not necessarily imply that nothing is being done by your organization.

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What happens to the information?
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