Portal Advantages

Advantages of the CWI Portal: CWI’s  web based helpline 

  • Independent and complimentary to the existing internal mechanism that may or may not be already in place in the organization.
  • Secure and confidential communication with no direct human interaction removing the feeling of being interrogated often reported by whistleblowers.
  • Does not involve telephonic interview, voice recording or handwritten report thereby dispelling the fear of identification by voice recognition or writing.
  • Option of anonymous reporting.
  • Instant reach across multiple locations and easy accessibility through the internet with coverage 24/7/365 days.
  • Prompt communication of  information to the designated authority within the organization without blockages. 
  • Information received in the original form as communicated by the whistleblowers.
  • Cost effective and can be implemented with minimal lead time.
  • Enables interaction and multiple contacts between reporters and organizations over a secure and neutral platform eliminating the Reporter's fear of revelation of identity.
  • Enables Organization's to process the reports easily by helping them convert  raw data into actionable information by posing relevant questions.
  • Gives Organization's the flexibility of receiving its information first in point of time and processing it on its own or outsourcing the same.
  • Enables Organization's to assign reports to key personnel and monitor their performance.
  • Enables Organization's to design their own information system generating valuable data for analysis.
  • Can be implemented without effectuating any change in the existing policies of the organization.
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Portal Advantages
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