5 Steps towards better Corporate Governance

Joining the CWI Portal is simple, quick and easy.
A few simple steps can get your organization started and assure that your employees can immediately have access to a totally independent and secure mechanism to give their feedback and suggestions or report any concerns about matters that could be potentially damaging to the interests of the organization and its stakeholders.


Follow these five easy start up steps to gain access to an immediate web based solution:-

Contact us at www.cwiportal.com
Our consultants will get in touch with you to assess  your  requirements.
Fill up the joining form.
Inform stakeholders about your organization's participation so that they may start using www.cwiportal.com
Utilise your intranet, email, letter or even a message on pay slips to create an immediate awareness of the service amongst the target stakeholders.

You can be up and running within a matter of hours and can take comfort in knowing that the program is in place and may highlight a problem that would otherwise have gone unreported. To ensure that this initiative achieves its desired objectives you must gradually increase the level of knowledge regarding the same in your organization through mails to your employees, publication on salary slips and other documentation and awareness programs.

Who can participate in the Corporate Whistleblower Initiative?
Reasons why people generally do not report
Why should your organization join CWI?
Why use the CWI Portal for internal whistleblowing?
Anonymous Reporting
How should reports be processed?
Making CWI work
Benefits of Registration
5 Steps towards better Corporate Governance
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