What should the report contain?

To enable your organization to best act on your information and take it to its logical conclusion we request you to give us verifiable and actionable facts. Please be specific and avoid generalizations, assumptions and speculation. Try to give as much detail as possible including specifics which to you may appear inconsequential. For example-

Names of people and locations involved with addreses
Dates and times
Places and events
If theft or fraud, how much money do you think is involved? Where has the money gone? etc
If property, has it been removed from the work place or is about to be?
Has the property been sold or is it being stored pending sale?
Location of any physical documentation or evidence including the likelihood of destruction or disposal of that evidence.
Name of the person who you feel would be the best to evaluate and act on the report given by you.
Name of the person who you feel would be most affected by an investigation on the report and to whom it should not be revealed at all.

After submitting your report using the form made available on this portal you will be given a unique tracking number in confirmation of its receipt. Please secure this number and do not give it to any one else. You will be able to use this number along with your password for viewing follow up if any posted by your organization and also for posting additional information if you so desire.

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Who can report and how?
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What should the report contain?
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Processing of anonymous reports
Responsible Reporting
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