Why use the CWI Portal for internal whistleblowing?
  • Independence and neutrality of a hotline is paramount for whistleblowers as it assures them of a high level of perceived and actual confidentiality. Whistleblowers are more likely to disclose information to impartial third parties than internal resources on account of fear of reprisals on revelation of identity.
  • Unique model with a third party platform assuring neutrality and exclusive organizational access ensuring confidentiality. 
  • Gives you the flexibility of developing and managing  the information on your own without any third party intervention or outsourcing the same.
  • Feedback regarding date and time of receipt of information and monitoring of organizational follow up gives the whistleblower the assurance and satisfaction that the information has been communicated to the right person in the organization and will be examined on merits. 
  • Eliminates the fear of revelation of identity by focusing on the information and not the informant and encourages reporting of corrupt conduct and wrongdoings without any fear of retribution.
  • No conflict of interest. Comes without any baggage of bias, fraternal sympathy, affiliations, over protectiveness, prejudices, affectations or vested interests.
  • Ensures communication of the message to the right person within the organization without any blockage.
  • Strengthens your existing risk radar. Complements your internal and external audit teams and enhances your risk capturing capability. Helps statistically monitor and follow up on information besides identifying areas of concern requiring systemic changes.
  • Helps you focus on your core activities. Disclosure management services can no longer be considered as an adjunct to other corporate functions and require dedicated personnel for effective monitoring and follow up action.
  • Simple,secure,uncomplicated and informal.Provides option of anonymous reporting.
  • Hotlines manned by internal resources are as credible as the people manning them. Sooner than later internal resources may themselves be implicated leading to additional allegations of impropriety which risk is eliminated by a third party hotline.
  • Cost effective and can be implemented with minimal lead time.


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