What is CWI ?
The Corporate Whistleblower Initiative is an independent reporting and communication initiative which not only helps organizations put in place a simple and effective system for receiving information but also helps them to efficiently manage, process and monitor the same.The CWI Portal is a web based ethics helpline which acts as the organization's secure mailbox for receipt of feedback, suggestions and  confidential information. It is an interactive  internal communication tool using which the authorized stakeholders of an organization can securely and confidentially communicate their concerns to the designated authority within their organization with the option of  remaining anonymous.
It is in organizational interest if its Founders and key decision makers are the first ones to know if there is anything within the organiization which requires their intervention. Therefore, the focus of  this disclosure receipt and management service is on the information and not the informant. It cuts across the reporting hierarchies of the organization and ensures that the information is communicated to the competent authority within the organization for such further response or action as it deems appropriate. The choice of the designated authority, the kind of action that is to be taken on a report if at all any, the manner in which a report is to be processed and whether any feedback is to be given or not depends entirely on the discretion of the participating organization or its policies in that regard if any. The Portal strives to make the process of reporting simple, uncomplicated and straight forward. It does not seek to alter or replace the existing internal policy or system being followed by the organization but to complement it.
By participating in the Corporate Whistleblower Initiative the organization receives all the information first in point of time and gets the assurance that unethical behaviour is more likely to be reported while the stakeholder has the satisfaction that his concern has been communicated to the right persons within the organization.
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What is CWI ?
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