What information can you report?
The Information that you can report may fall in either of the following two categories:
Feedback and suggestions
You can use this portal to give your feedback or suggestions to the organization regarding any practice, product or procedure.
The disclosure may include revelation of any wrongdoing or the revelation of any practice, procedure, product or behaviour which is against the organization’s stated code of conduct or is otherwise unfair, illegal or unethical.
The disclosures may relate to inter alia:
criminal offences/theft unlawful discrimination
breach of legal/contractual obligations substance abuse
violation of governmental regulations harrassment, intimidation or bullying
accounting irregularities/insider trading misuse of confidential information
sexual harassment and gender discrimination fraudulent activities
damage or potential damage to the environment corruption and conflict of interest
behaviour involving danger to the health or safety of stakeholders unfair behaviour and improprieties
You must remember that both the aforesaid categories only envisage one way communication from your end to the organization. Do not use this portal for eliciting responses to queries, mediation, redressal of specific grievances or as an alternative to any platform-statutory or otherwise provided for by your organization for dealing with specific issues. This portal is only intended to securely receive and communicate disclosures or feedback expressed by you in the forms made available for the said purpose to the designated authority in your organization for taking such action thereon as it deems fit. By joining this initiative and availing this service the organization is not obliged to respond to any query or act on any report.
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