How does it work?

The CWI Portal is a web based reporting service feeding organizations with critical information. The rest is up to them and their internal processes. It acts as an intermediary between the stakeholders and the organization facilitating secure  interaction between them. It  gives  stakeholders an additional channel for communication of sensitive issues directly  with their key decision makers with the option of reporting anonymously and  can be put in place by organizations quickly  without effectuating any change in their existing policies. All lodged reports are exclusively accessed by the authority designated for the said purpose by the organization which can also post additional queries or feedback for the reporter to  respond. The Organization is free to process the information received from the Portal as per its policies if any or in such manner as it deems fit. By enabling multiple interactions between a reporter and the organization without any fear of revelation of identity the CWI Portal not only helps organizations strengthen their  risk radar to capture and mitigate risks but  also helps them in assessing, managing and processing the reports.

The CWI Portal thus enables Organizations to receive information internally, exclusively access the same and decide how to process it without any external intervention.




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How does it work?
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