Feedback from stakeholders helps organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Likewise many a fraud can be averted and reputations protected if timely information is received and acted upon. A secure and confidential reporting system enables stakeholders to easily give their suggestions to the management on any practice, procedure or product and report any behaviour which is violative of the organizations code of conduct or is otherwise unfair, illegal or unethical.
The CWI Portal is a web based ethics helpline which not only acts as an effective internal control and early warning system to detect and check malpractices but also helps organizations create a non threatening environment in which anyone who perceives any activity detrimental to its interests feels free to report it.
The CWI Portal helps stakeholders interact with the designated authority of their organization in a simple and secure manner while maintaining complete confidentiality.
However Reports can be lodged using this portal only if the organization avails of this service by joining the Initiative. To communicate  concerns simply click on Lodge Report and enter the organization code communicated by the organization. To follow up on any Report or submit additional information simply click on Track Report and enter the tracking number and password.
                          Report securely, confidentially and anonymously 

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